Supporting Powerful Leaders and Effective Teams

There are many reasons why we should make sure that all of our staff and leaders are able to successfully contribute to our organizations. Thinking about how we support powerful leaders and build effective teams is an important way for us to live our values, since we want to see domestic workers at the forefront of our movement, and want to make sure that our organizations are healthy and supportive places to work. We also want to make sure that our organizations are sustainable in the long-run, which means making sure that we make the best use of all of our skills and talents. This section is focused on supporting leaders and teams, and is anchored by three main Recommendation documents. In “Recommendation: Roles and Division of Labor for Effective Base-building” you will find ideas on how to structure the roles of staff, members and volunteers in a way that will allow you to grow your membership base, even in the face of limited financial resources. It includes sample job description for Domestic Worker Organizers and more. In “Recommendation: Transformative Leadership” you’ll find information on the theory and practice of building leadership to achieve personal and collective transformation. In “Building Teams and Supporting Each Other” you’ll find tools for supervision, building group agreements, and democratic decision-making.
[Photo description: Staff and members of the Pilipino Workers Center in a campaign planning session]

Document Guide

In this Toolbox you'll find the following types of documents:

  • Recommendation

    The main document in each section. Read this first!

  • Discussion Guide

    A guide for how to discuss the Recommendation with others in your organization.

  • Reference

    Materials referred to in the Recommendation

  • Worksheet

    Forms and templates to download and fill out

  • Case Study

    Stories and inspiration from other organizations

  • Workshop

    Outline of a participatory training or workshop

Tool Box

  • Coming Soon: Recommendation: Transformational Leadership
  • Coming Soon: Recommendation: Building Strong Teams and Supporting Each Other
  • Coming Soon: Recommendation: Roles and Division of Labor to Maximize Base-Building
  • Coming Soon: Discussion Guide: Supporting Powerful Leaders and Effective Teams
  • Coming Soon: Reference: Sample domestic worker organizer job description
  • Coming Soon: Reference: Supervision Tools
  • Coming Soon: Reference: Board Roles and Responsibilities
  • Coming Soon: Reference: Guide to Democratic Decision-Making
  • Coming Soon: Reference: Group Guidelines and Accountability