Program Design

What are the programs that will best meet domestic workers’ needs and ensure that they join our organizations and stay? How can we build programs that are transformative? How can we orient workers on why and how we organize in our sector, and on our overall analysis of the problems we face and how to address them? This section includes tips on program design for domestic worker organizations, as well as outlines for political education and leadership development workshops developed by NDWA and some of our affiliates.
[Photo description: Members of Centro Humanitario discussing the issues the organization works to address]

Document Guide

In this Toolbox you'll find the following types of documents:

  • Recommendation

    The main document in each section. Read this first!

  • Discussion Guide

    A guide for how to discuss the Recommendation with others in your organization.

  • Reference

    Materials referred to in the Recommendation

  • Worksheet

    Forms and templates to download and fill out

  • Case Study

    Stories and inspiration from other organizations

  • Workshop

    Outline of a participatory training or workshop