Building Healthy Collaborations

Working together makes us stronger, and developing relationships with potential allies and partner organizations will be a key to winning. However, it’s important to make sure that our collaborations that are rooted in mutual respect and clear communication. This section includes resources on how to develop and maintain healthy collaborations, both with other organizations in our sector and with others who share a commitment to the issues that we care about.
[Photo description: Casa de Maryland forges multiracial, multigenerational alliances through a Caring Across Generations Care Council]

Document Guide

In this Toolbox you'll find the following types of documents:

  • Recommendation

    The main document in each section. Read this first!

  • Discussion Guide

    A guide for how to discuss the Recommendation with others in your organization.

  • Reference

    Materials referred to in the Recommendation

  • Worksheet

    Forms and templates to download and fill out

  • Case Study

    Stories and inspiration from other organizations

  • Workshop

    Outline of a participatory training or workshop

Tool Box

  • Coming Soon: Recommendation: Developing Healthy Collaborations
  • Coming Soon: Discussion Guide: Developing Healthy Collaborations
  • Coming Soon: Reference: Elements of a Healthy Collaboration
  • Coming Soon: Reference: Continuum of Collaboration
  • Coming Soon: Reference: Elements of a Healthy Collaboration